Join the Friends of Lake Superior Park!

Membership is now free to join Niijkiwenhwag – Friends of Lake Superior Park!

We want to make it easier for you (and your family) to become members of our organization, so we no longer have a fee for membership.

To join, send an email to (sorry, couldn’t get the link to work) and include the following information:
– your contact email address
– your full name and, if applicable, the full names of the members in your family who would also like to become a member
– the name of the city/town/province/state where you live (we don’t need your mailing address if we have your email address)
– what is it you like about Lake Superior Provincial Park?
– is there anything you would like the Friends to do to help make Lake Superior Provincial Park a better place to visit? (for example, maybe we should start our own YouTube page and you could post videos of what you like to do in the park?)
– we are looking for members to become Directors of the Friends of Lake Superior Park – let us know if you are interested – we meet several times a year and we can try online meetings to make it convenient for you – we have a modest income that pays our operating expenses and we have funds available to take on projects to benefit the Friends and/or the park. Non-residents of Canada cannot be a Director (and cannot vote) but can participate as an “Observor” at the Board meetings.

The Friends of Lake Superior Park was formed in 1993 and we have worked with the staff of Lake Superior Provincial Park to provide:
– art lessons in the Visitor Centre
– free concerts
– composting toilet for the Warp Bay campsites
– publish the park map (and other publications)
– operate the website:
– benches that can be sponsored
– annual financial grant to help the Natural Heritage Education program
– we can accept donations to the park and issue a tax receipt
– and much more…..

Joel Cooper
Secretary – Board of Directors
Niijkiwenhwag – Friends of Lake Superior Park